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The Miss Indian America Online Exhibition

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For over thirty years, from 1952 to 1984, American Indians and non-Indians collaborated on a project to promote understanding between the communities and to support and celebrate American Indian cultures and rights. It was not at all obvious that Sheridan, Wyoming, a town bordering the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations with a decidedly mixed reputation for welcoming Indians, would establish All-American Indian Days.  It was also not obvious that Indian communities would participate in the event. But every year thousands of visitors came to Sheridan, including young American Indian women from across the country who vied for the title of Miss Indian America. This exhibition is about their story, including especially their efforts to educate the general public about American Indian history, cultures, and rights.

The Bozeman Trail Museum would like to thank University of Delaware museum studies and history student Jeremy Cleghorn for designing the exhibition, and University of Delaware students, including Caroline Berger, Brooke Curwin, Maureen Iplenski, Sophie Molloy, and Emma Straw for their work on the content and images. We would also like to thank deana harragarra waters, Judy Slack, and Cindy Ott for their guidance. We are indebted to the financial support of the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, Wyoming Humanities, the University of Delaware Community Engagement Initiative and its UD History Department. We are grateful to THE Wyoming Room, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library, Sheridan, WY for the use of their collections.

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